A Silver Lining

In an era where the caliber of music is being held captive to social media, bands such as 'A Silver Lining' are breaking through barriers and bringing back the bearings of Rock and Roll. Each musician, Eric (Guitar), Greg (Bass), Matthew aka. Scriggs (Guitar), Nate (Drums) and Lucas (Vocals) bring something magical to their unique rock sound. From the blood, sweat and tears they pour into perfecting their craft, to their compelling stage presence, and impressive music videos, ASL is everything the art of music should be. They fight like brothers, laugh like drunken sailors, but collaborate as professional artists working towards the same goal: to rock your face off. Each has a past, be it addiction, death of loved ones, depression, and even suicide, but they have come together to create something beautiful out of ashes. To create….A Silver Lining.